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The number one platform that connects businesses and customers online!

Guru Benefits

  • Interested leads without taking up more of your time
  • Exclusive service area
  • Referral program
  • Secure, guaranteed payment

Customer Benefits

  • Trusted Gurus in their area
  • Fast solutions for their problems
  • Secure payment options

How Serviceguru.io Works

Service Guru created around 4.5 million landing pages (and counting) behind the scenes for every service provider industry in every city in USA. Service Guru promoted the landing pages on social media, search engines, display networks, forums, blogs, local listings. The highlight of our marketing is our own referral network that provide high quality referred customers that almost guarantees a deal.

Our idea is to consistently keep adding worthwhile information to your Service Guru experience – whether it is your search for connecting with Customers or Gurus or making an extra money through our Affiliates program. Serviceguru.io system screens the actual interest of every customer in your service offering before introducing them to you. So, no spam, no loss of your valuable time!

Being a Guru

The moment you become a Guru after the approval of serviceguru.io underwriting team, the system blasts all the websites that are assigned to the Guru to all social media sites, major search engines, serviceguru.io referral networks, blogs, classified ads, local listings sites, images engines, forums, and other sites to spread the word to customers who are searching for a local service provider. The Guru just waits for the clients to help them get their service done. As leads come in, they will go EXCLUSIVELY to the Guru for FREE.

Think of serviceguru.io as your full back office administration and personal marketing team. Serviceguru.io will do marketing, client screening, working as your call center representative, providing live chat support, offering portal with CRM features, create offers, schedule, and above all, will ensure that you get paid.

Reach customers who are ready to do business with you

Serviceguru.io Specialties

Serviceguru.io is an exclusive platform based on industry, county, and availability, meaning a service provider can only register their company to one industry. More than one registration for one or more counties is allowable for a service provider only when the provider operates in the county and if that county is available. Once your registration is approved, you become a Guru for that area!

Mission and Values

Service Guru cares about you bringing your service closer to the customers you want. Want to offer plumbing services in a certain area? Service Guru is here for you. Want to offer cleaning services, dog training, flooring, or health coaching in your city? Service Guru is here for you. Whatever services you’re offering, Service Guru promises to display them to the exact match customers who really want them in your exact location. Our approach is straightforward - no beating around the bush while running a business.

Founder Fast Facts

David Shnader
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Service, marketing, and tech sectors
  • Over 20 years of experience
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We provide individual portals for each individual Guru, with a toll-free number, live chat support, and live representative support for seamless communication with the prospects.

  1. Toll free number – each call will reach our American based answering service, based in Austin, TX, and we will take all the information and job details.
  2. Live chat support – clients can start a conversation on each site and explain their needs.
  3. Prospects leave their contact details and scope of work.

Once information is collected, we send it to that area’s Guru for contact and schedule an appointment.

Serviceguru.io is well- equipped with all the tools that provide a good user experience for Gurus who can:
  1. View leads with full details
  2. Schedule appointments
  3. Manage calendars
  4. Create offers
  5. Create recurring invoices
  6. Take electronic payments
  7. Auto follow up on offers to try close the deal
  8. Guru referral option – Gurus get a referral code so they can refer other Gurus to the system and get paid for every county the guru is registering, payment will be $50 per county
  9. Refer customers to another Guru and share 20% profit on the deal with serviceguru.io

Serviceguru.io Gurus are our partners, not clients. We charge a small fee ONLY when the deal is closed. That means when the prospects who show interest in our Guru’s service buys the service. The fee is between 3% to 10% commission, depending on the industry, from the gross value of the deal.

An operational cost of $99 is charged monthly for each county a Guru has. It is for managing business operations for our Gurus, including marketing of their services, answering representatives, servers, websites, and other overhead costs.

No, 100% of the payment for the deal goes to the Guru. After 72 hours of the confirmed transaction, the commission is being deducted from Gurus account.

Our initial contract with every Guru is for 12 months. After that, it is on a month-to-month basis.

Currently our average lead rate is about 200-300 new customers per industry per state per month. It may change by the county, the time of the year, customers, circumstances, and other elements that cannot be controlled, so we cannot give any exact number.

Yes, customer will get a portal that they can easily order service from any category, check payment history, schedule services, pay online and create future to-do list.

Affiliates will be able to add leads and manage them in their portal, register Gurus to the system and get paid $50 for every county a Guru is registering to.

Gurus can also add customers who are looking for a service to a specific Guru and get paid 20% split from serviceguru.io commission on that deal.

As part of our growing community, we are trying to create group discounts. Serviceguru.io will find deals that we all use in our day-to-day life from insurances to travel to merchandise and offer it to the group so we can buy in bulk and save a lot.

Let’s partner together to create a bright future.

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Our services are available in 50 states

Service Guru is a service professional marketplace that matches homeowners with an exact screened service professional that can be trusted in order to quickly and successfully complete any type of task. We cover all 50 states and are committed to get the job done to your complete satisfaction.

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